ORPAL is a company that deals with analytical, measurement, research and implementation works, connected with digital signal processing.

The main areas of the company's business are as follows:

  • designing of specialized modules and devices for measurements and control,
  • creating real time control and measurement software,
  • conducting research and development works in the field of real time measurement systems,
  • developing algorithms and software for digital signal processing,
  • manufacturing VME DSP boards,
  • designing and manufacturing of ultra fast data recorders.

Our products are of the high reliability and meet the highest quality requirements. They work in the most difficult environmental conditions (e.g. work in temperatures range -40 to +100 deg. C, and very high vibration). Because of the fact that ORPAL products are based on the most advanced technological solutions, high innovation and competitive prices, they successfully compete with products of world leaders on DSP market.

Designing as well as research and development works are our passion. The core of our staff consists of high-class professionals, cooperating with Warsaw University of Technology and have long last, proven experience, as well as practical and theoretical knowledge continuously deepened by scientific contacts on international forum.

The company has been on the market since 1990.