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Universal A/D converter

ADC universal converter is designed for analogue data aquisition and transmision to host computer via USB-2 link with maximum data throughput of 240 Mb/s. It is possible to record continouse data stream of 30 MB/s or block of data up to 1 MB with full conversion speed.
The converter has 2 aquisition channels working synchronously. For applications requiring higher number of channels it is possible to connect several converters and synchronised them via additional clock/triger cables.
The ADC-55 converter have been designed for
  • Software defined radio/TV applications
  • Smart antenna systems
  • Pasive detection systems
  • Radar/Sonar
  • Laboratory aquisition systems
The RDC-80 can be use for recording different signals under extreme environmental conditions (extreme temperature, vibration, aggressive chemical environment)

Technical data:

  • Analogue signal bandwidth:     0.1..300 MHz 
  • Maximum sampling rate:        60 Ms/s 
  • Number of bits (ADC):            14
  • Number of bits (SDR):            24
  • Number of input channels:      2 
  • Internal or external clock:       up to 60 MHz
  • USB 2.0 interface (480 Mb/sek)
  • PLD based signal preprocessing 
  • 1 MB internal data buffer
  • Commercial (0..55oC), Industrial (-20 ..75)oC, or special
    (ask) temperature range
  • Synchronisation up to 16 modules to increase channel number, data throughput or recording time.
  • Options (firmware for signal preprocessing):
    • FM digital frontend (simultanously tuned to 2 diffrent frequences, digitally filtered), 200 ks/s 24 b I/Q, continouse aquisition  
    • Quadrature detector 8, 12, 16 b I/Q, 1/4 of sampling frequency, continouse aquisition 
    • Fast ADC, 16 b, 60 Ms/s, limited data record to 1 MB 
    • ADC, 8/16 b, 30/15 Ms/s, continouse aquisition
    • User defined firmware
  • Additional equipment
    • FM/TV antennas  
    • Selective signal amplifiers (eg FM band, TV band etc)
    • Signal splitters and attenuators 
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