• designing and production of electronic, control and measurement devices
  • designing and production of signal acquisition modules (A/D, D/A, storage, processing)
  • high speed recording and analysis of analog signals
  • transmission of measurement signals
  • creating of real time software (response time 1us-1ms); C, C++, Assembler
  • Data acquisition/processing systems based on digital signal processors and programmable logic devices.
  • research and analytical works in the field of digital signal processing (filtration, detection, identification)
  • research and analytical works in the field of measurement techniques
  • imulation of complex systems (C, C++, MATLAB, OCTAVE)
  • development of algorithms and software
  • multiprocessors distributed systems

We specialize in:

  • tele-detection
  • data recorders

Our products and software are used in:

  • measurement equipment
  • equipment controlling technological processes
  • radars
  • sonars