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RDC 80
Fast data recorder (for digital or analogue signals)

Fast data recorder is designed to record data stream (up to 80 MB/s in single configuration) in non-volatile FLASH EPROM memory. With maximum data throughput it is possible to record over 400 s of continuos data. It is possible to program the working modes: continuos recording, synchronous block recording and others.
The RDC-80 recorder can be equipped (optionally) in:
  • data acquisition daughter-board (A/D converters + DSP) for analogue signals recording.
  • Data storage daughter boards (extending registration time)
The RDC-80 can register different signals under extreme environmental conditions (extreme temperature, vibration, aggressive chemical environment)

The recorded data can be uploaded to PC computer and/or playing back

Technical data:

  • Sustain registered data stream up to 40/80 Mbytes/s (selectable)
  • Flash memory 8 do 32 GB
  • Serial data input/output (LVDS)
  • Play-back function
  • USB 2.0 interface (480 Mb/sek)
  • Works in extreme environmental conditions
  • Commercial (0..55oC), Industrial (-20 ..75)oC, or special
    (ask) temperature range
  • Additional interfaces:
    • serial RS232/RS422
    • ESSI
  • Synchronisation up to 16 modules to increase channel number, data throughput or recording time.
  • Options:
    • RDC-M: memory extension daughterboard: 64 GB
    • RDC-A: 2 x A/D converters 16 bit/100MHz
    • RDC-C: serial/parallel I/O
    • RDC-D: 2x D/A converters 16 bit/100MHz